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The Lofoten International Chamber Music Festival would never have existed had it not been for the loyal audience in Lofoten. At the same time, more and more people are noticing the festival outside Lofoten. In addition to individuals, there is also a growing interest from groups and travel companies who travel long distances to participate. Read more about the possibilities of coming to the festival, alone or with others.

Photo_Baard Loeken_www.nordnorge.com_Moskenes- low resolution.jpg

Lofoten's hallmark: tillers.

Here from Å in Moskenes.

Photo: Bård Løken

Tour operators



There are currently several tour operators who organize group trips to the festival. Many of these are based abroad. It is therefore not unusual to join the tour from Oslo or in Lofoten. Tour operators have their own package offers, but most offer packages that include festival tickets, hotel, meals and transports during the festival. Several also offer several other attractions during the festival week, such as museums and excursions in Lofoten's beautiful nature. 

Tour operators for 2024

Maestro Touring (United Kingdom and USA)

Maestro Touring has traveled with groups to the festival several times. Here they offer a tailor-made program for the entire festival week. Read more about the offer here.

Grand Tours (Stockholm)

Grand Tours had a group at the festival in 2022, and will return in 2024.

Their offer is now published. Click here

Mundo Amigo (Madrid)

Spanish Mundo Amigo has visited the chamber music festival several times, and will return in 2024. Follow their website here

Martin Randall (England, Australia, USA)

With offices on several continents, Martin Randall is one of the major players in cultural travel. They visited us for the first time in 2019, and only the pandemic has prevented more visits. But for the anniversary festival in 2024, they will return. Follow them here


Widerøe lands at Svolvær Airport, 5 kilometers from Svolvær. SAS and Norwegian land at Harstad Narvik Airport Evenes, about three hours by bus or car from Svolvær.


Hurtigruten calls at Svolvær both northbound and southbound every day. There is also a fast ferry between Bodø and Svolvær.


Take the train all the way to Bodø and combine with a flight, costal ship or the fast ferry over to Lofoten


you come to Lofoten from the north without taking the ferry. If you come from the south, you can take a car ferry from Bodø to Moskenes, or from Skutvik to Svolvær. You can also come by ferry from Bognes to Lødingen and drive E 10 from there to Lofoten.

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