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The program is ready!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

On 15 November, artistic director Arvid Engegård confirmed that the program for the anniversary year 2024 is ready. But a lot of writing work in English and Norwegian remains before it can be published in January. But we reveal a couple of goodies from the repertoire.

We have been hunting for Martin Fröst for years, and when we finally got hold of one of world's best clarinetists, he will naturally play some of the highlights in the repertoire. We can reveal that Brahms' infinitely beautiful clarinet quintet is in the program. He plays it with the Engegård Quartet.

Leif Ove Andsnes is probably the biggest star in the anniversary program, and it is particularly nice that he participates since he was the first musician asked when we were about to start the festival. On 7 March 2003, he agreed to participate in the summer of 2004. Of the many things he has asked to play, Franz Schubert's Fantasy in F minor for four-handed piano. He plays it with the other of the two artistic directors, Paul Lewis. Andsnes also plays with Fröst.

The photo below of Andsnes was taken precisely in 2004 and was used by Vanity Fair in December of the same year. It was taken in Kilan pollen in Flakstad by Jonas Karlsson from Stockholm.

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