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The Chaos String Quartet is coming!

The last musicians in this year's program are now ready: the string quartet Chaos, which in modern fashion consists of four musicians from four different countries. German Susanne Schäfer and Hungarian Ester Khruchió play the violin. Italian Sara Marzadori plays viola and Bas Kongen from the Netherlands cello.

They are one of the 38 quartets in Merita ( ), an EU-supported program to strengthen the careers of young people. During the year, we will present two other quartets from this programme.

Chaos participates in a number of concerts with us both before and during the festival, and has a pre-opening concert as early as Friday 5 July in Valberg church.

Hear and see them in Beethoven's Op. 18, No. 2:

Photo: Davide Bertuccio

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